Dermathology (Skin)

Melasma explained

Melasma Explained If you have noticed that your skin’s color does not look quite right and seems patchy, you may be suffering from a condition called melasma. It can make you feel quite self-conscious, which could lead to your self-esteem being affected. It’s not a term that you hear every day, but for the people who suffer, it can be…

All You Need to Know About Psoriasis

What is Psoriasis? Psoriasis may be defined as a non-contagious, inflammatory disease of the skin that is characterized by an increase in the rate of skin cell turnover, causing thick skin cells to appear on the skin. The skin usually becomes pinkish red with well-defined margins. Also, the affected parts of the skin become very dry and unpleasant. The affected…

Am I Balding?

Androgenic alopecia has become a common type of hair loss, especially among males. Research has shown that at least 50% of men aged fifty and above suffer from some degree of hair loss. Anyone who has experienced any sort of hair loss perhaps knows how devastating it feels. Society today tend to associate luxurious hair with beauty, youth, and good…

All You Need to Know About Molluscum Contagiosum

Also referred to as water wart, this is a relatively common skin infection that is caused by the Molluscum contagiosum virus, which belongs to a group of pox virus. It usually manifests as harmless raised bumps or visible lesions on your skin’s outermost layer. It can equally manifest as raised, pearly skin-colored bumps that may occasionally feature a central dimple…

What Causes Genital Warts?

Genital warts refer to contagious, fleshy growths that occur in the genital area. Genital warts are among the most common types of sexually transmitted infections. They usually consist of fibrous overgrowths that are covered by a thickened, outer layer. They may appear around a woman’s cervix or genital regions. So, what causes Genital warts? They are caused by HPV or…

What Your Acne Does Not Tell You

What to Do if I Have Acne First and foremost, it is important to understand that acne is a common skin condition. Most people have acne, which also frequently occurs during our teenage phase. Here are some helpful information to know why does this occur and how can it be managed. Understanding your acne and pimples Acne is caused when…

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